Friendship Day Famous Poems

Friendship Day Famous Poems

True friends sometimes emerge as the most important people in our lives. They would be influential in one way or the other.Read these Friendship Day special poems aloud to friends or quote them in the Friendship Day Cards and make them feel special and loved.

Friends We Are

The Beauty Of Friendship

Friends Forever

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air


A Friend Should Be Radical

True Friends

Friendship Day Poem

 I Love You

Your Kind Of Friendship

 The Golden Chain Of Friendship

A Friend

 What Are Friends For?


  1. Friendship is the most wonderful relationship on the earth. It is said that a genuine companion is elusive. A genuine companion comes in our existence with whom we can share our happiness, agony, fervor and distresses. To express and treasure this delightful obligation of friendship, we jump at the chance to trade friendship band with our nearby buddies. Accordingly friendship band means interminable obligation of fraternity and a lifetime duty. Consistently friendship day is commended on the main Sunday of August month. This day is an enormous furor among the youths. These days tying friendship band has turned into a pattern and a mold frill also.
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